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American sportsmen are proud of our long tradition of fishing and hunting on our shared public land and waters. As steelhead anglers, we are deeply aware of this legacy every time we wade into one of the many celebrated rivers of the Pacific Northwest. When an opportunity arises to protect river access, conserve land and educate the public about wild steelhead, we recognize the importance of acting quickly to ensure this important legacy.

This is why the Wild Steelhead Coalition has partnered with the Inland Empire Fly Club to raise the funding required to purchase an eight-acre parcel of land running along nearly 2,000 feet of river bank on the lower Grande Ronde River in southeast Washington.

The goal of this process is to donate the parcel of land to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) so it can remain undeveloped and be maintained as a public access site to the river in perpetuity. The Wild Steelhead Coalition also plans to develop signage on the conserved land to educate visitors about the Grande Ronde’s unique summer steelhead and the on-going challenges facing wild steelhead in the Columbia and Snake River Basin.

Initial portions of the necessary funding has been donated by the Wild Steelhead Coalition, the Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International, the Inland Empire Fly Club, and a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The remaining balance, approximately $16,500, needs to be raised by the end of 2019 for the purchase to proceed.

Donate now to protect and conserve this important piece of new public land on one of the country’s great steelhead rivers. Whether you already know and love the Grande Ronde and its summer steelhead, or look forward to fishing there one day soon, your tax-deductible gift will ensure this piece of land is conserved, educational signage is developed, and the opportunity to access this beautiful portion of the lower Grande Ronde will remain protected for years to come.

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