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The Columbia and Snake Rivers were once prolific producers of wild steelhead and salmon.  But today all Columbia Basin wild steelhead and salmon populations are just a small fraction of their historic abundance and are protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  

In May, federal Judge Michael Simon rejected the latest in a long series of federal plans to address the impacts on wild steelhead and salmon of federal dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers.  The latest plan, produced in 2014, was the fifth such plan rejected by a federal court since 2000. Judge Simon ordered the federal hydropower system operating agencies to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and to analyze removal of the four lower Snake River dams as a recovery option for Snake River salmon and steelhead.  

The first phase of the EIS process is “scoping” (public feedback). Fifteen public hearings are being held across the region and written comments are invited. This is a rare opportunity for wild steelhead angler-advocates to call for actions that will  dramatically improve the prospects for wild steelhead and salmon in the Columbia and Snake River basins.  Please take a few minutes to comment. Salmon, Steelhead, Orcas and all humankind are at risk.


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