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On April 13 and 14th SFTU and partnered with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and North Idaho for a Stream Girls event at St Georges School on the Little Spokane River. Fifteen girls participated in the event with 14 volunteers:  3 Girls Scout leaders, 3 parents, 7 TU members, and 1 non-member (photographer/videographer).

TU Stream Girls Patch

The girls had to complete eight core activities required to earn their Stream Girl Patch:

  1. Stream Walk
  2. Fly Casting
  3. Go with the Flow
  4. Macroinvertebrates Survey (aquatic bugs)
  5. Fly Tying
  6. Stream Station Bracelets
  7. Discussion/Sharing (throughout)
  8. Reflection

Stream girls investigate their watershed through 3 perspectives:

  • Artist’s eyes
  • Scientist’s eyes
  • Angler’s eyes

Stream girls learn:

  • Environmental and resource awareness
  • STREAM-through hands on activities
  • Knowledge of watershed ecology
  • Team building skills
  • A lifetime sport
  • That they CAN do it

Volunteers learn:

  • Mentorship
  • Plays to TU’s strengths as volunteers
  • Optimizing partnership
  • Aids TU’s diversity initiative and Orvis 50/50 campaign

Thank you Girls Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, Spokane Women on the Fly, Trout Unlimited, St George’s School, and Spokane Fish Hatchery! Special thanks to Caprina Sandaine for taking photos and filming the event.

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