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The Seattle Times recently published an unbelievably incredible story on November 11 about Orcas and why the Puget Sound Orcas are in Peril.  I encourage all those who care about Orcas, Puget Sound Orcas (specifically), and the extinction of native Salmon and Steelhead species that run the Columbia-Snake River system to read in full.  The story is profound and the photography and videos are breathtaking. Enjoy!

-Harv Morrison, SFTU Conservation Chair and the world’s #1 advocate for the removal of the Snake River dams

Orcas thrive in a land to the north.
Why are Puget Sound’s dying?

Bigger and bigger, with a puff and a blow, the orca surfaces, supreme in his kingdom of green.

Northern resident orcas like this one live primarily in the cleaner, quieter waters of northern Vancouver Island and Southeast Alaska, where there also are more fish to eat. They are the same animal as the southern residents that frequent Puget Sound, eating the same diet, and even sharing some of the same waters. They have similar family bonds and culture.

The difference between them is us.

The story is by Lynda V Mapes, photography by Steve Ringman, videos by Ramon Dompor, and Graphics by Emily M Eng.

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