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Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited members and Spokane citizens at large.  We hope you will want to get involved in a new piece of angler science!

This winter will be your opportunity to take turbidity measurements and study the health of our river.  Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited will be sampling our Spokane River twice a week to determine the duration and intensity of the sediment plume that enters the main-stem Spokane River from Hangman Creek every year.  This sediment plume may be having dire effects on trout habitat, spawning and ability to effectively feed.  The first step in understanding this connection between sediment and our rivers redband trout is to conduct on going samples that give us an understanding of just how intense the plume is.

If you are available to take an hour a week we will ask volunteers to take a turbidity sample in three locations, log the river flow for Hangman Creek and the Spokane River, take a photo and then enter this information into a data base form.

If you want are interested in contributing, let me know at and we will get you more information.  Additionally, the November SFTU meeting will be dedicated to looking at turbidity and provide information as to how this study, and your efforts will look.

-Jerry White, Co-Chair Conservation Committee, SFTU

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